Progressive Cavity Pump
Progressive Cavity Pump FM Range
FM Range >>
Compact and versatile, the FM range brings you all the advantages of progressing cavity pumps, in a small, compact and economical design.
Progressive Cavity Pump H Range
H Range >>
The range H it’s used mainly to apply in the food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and chemical industry. In these sectors it’s necessary meet the highest hygienic construction standards.
Progressive Cavity Pump K Range
K Range >>
The range K it’s the state of the arte in manufacturing concepts. These pumps can be supplied with a range of materials and various rotor/stator geometries (1L, 1S, 2S and 4S), and in numerous application this range it’s the economical and technical best choice.
Progressive Cavity Pump M Range
M Range >>
The range M are used for metering different kind of fluids. In order to the modular construction it’s possible to install with the same dimensions 3 different models.
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