Submersible Pump
Submersible Pump Dual-channel Closed Impeller
Dual-channel Closed Impeller >>
The SB (SYSTEM B) family consists of electric pumps with dual-channel closed impeller. The ample free passage and excellent performance are the two features that enable the SB family to operate with soiled liquids containing suspended solids. The ideal solution for pumping slurry, soiled water with and without solids, untreated or activated sludges, strained and unstrained biological liquids and rainwater or seepage. Ideal for lifting water from public establishments and plants for public works or hospitals.SBP SBN
Submersible Pump High Efficiency Submersible Electric Pumps
High Efficiency Submersible Electric Pumps >>
ZENIT UNIQA submersible electric pumps. Designed for heavy-duty professional applications, they are used in civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, lifting sewage, pumping industrial sludge and rainwater containing solids, and recycling raw or activated sludge and biological liquids.
Submersible Pump High Head Impeller
High Head Impeller >>
The AP family consists of electric pumps with high-head immersed multi-channel impeller. Units in this family are used for clean or soiled water containing sand or small solids but not filaments. Suitable for applications in sectors such as the residential, public and irrigation sectors, or cleaning out wells for sanding. The high manometric head ensures excellent results for the creation of water features and fountains.AP BluePRO APS APE APN APP APF
Submersible Pump Impeller With Grinder System
Impeller With Grinder System >>
The GR family consists of electric pumps with immersed multi-channel impeller with a grinding system on the intake. The intended use varies depending on whether 2 or 4 pole motors are used; in the former case, applications are in the livestock farming and food industries where sewage is present. In the second case, applications are mainly in agriculture and livestock farming, with particularly heavily soiled liquids.GR BluePRO GRS GRI GRE GRN 2 Poles GRN 4 Poles GRP GRF
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