Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump FUTUR
Since 1984 ALMATEC manufactures special pumps for the chemical supply and circulation in the semiconductor industry. The FUTUR series is particularly developed for the special requirements of these applications.The liquids handled in the semiconductor industry set different demands to the pumps. Therefore the FUTUR series is available in four materials:• 4 sizes made of PTFE/UPPE for acids and caustics up to 130°C/266°F (model FUTUR T)• 2 sizes made of PTFE for hot applications with acids and caustics up to 200°C/390°F (model FUTUR H)• 4 sizes made of UPPE for slurries (model FUTUR E)• 2 sizes made of stainless steel (SS 316 L) for solvents (model SLS)The different pump sizes achieve max. capacities between 10 and 200 l/min (2.6 - 52 gpm). For every pump size and material are appropriate pulsation dampers available.All FUTUR pumps are self-priming pneumatic diaphragm pumps which may run dry. The pumps have a compact, simple design with few parts only. The housing parts are machined from solid blocks, the basis for a long life time. FUTUR pumps are cleaned, assembled, and tested in a class 100 clean-room line.The latest generation of the FUTUR pumps is the FUTUR-Omega series:• Entirely made of PTFE• New construction with Ω-shaped base frame• Diaphragm and center housing with rotation prevention• New PTFE material for the diaphragms• Three sizes with max. capacities of 20, 50 and 100 l/min (5.3, 13, 26 gpm) depending on the application also available entirely made of polyethylene and SS316L. Further features of the FUTUR series at a glance:• Four materials (T, H, E, S) for the different applications• No metal at all (T, H, E)• Temperature range up to 200°C/390°F (H)• Patented, contactless cascade sealing between the product chambers• No O-ring sealing in wetted areas• Straight-through flow pattern, only one wetted housing partair control system PERSWING P®, no lubrication or maintenance• Internal air flow• Diaphragms without plates and gaskets, optimized diaphragm geometry• Cylinder valves sealing the full area• Compact, simple design with few parts, very low space requirement• Machined from solid blocks• Easy to dismantle and assemble• No fixing elements, such as tie rods, nuts, or clamps• Separate pulsation damper available for all materials and sizes• Diaphragm and/or stroke sensors can be retrofitted easilylow noise level
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