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Description• Metallic construction, patented system description according to EN 22858 (ISO 2858).• Single bearing design, product lubricated. Shroud available in Hastelloy C4 or as eddy current free type.• Pump available with or without heating jacket. Horizontal and vertical installation possible. Various pump protection systems are available.• Impressing simple pump concept built up from few individual elements• Design with single bearing and central placement allows a compact construction and eliminates requirement for plain bearing bracket• Application of the product-lubricated single bearing overcomes frequent weak point of conventional pumps• Sophisticated bearing lubrication increases margins to handle difficult applications and high slurry concentrations in liquids• Optimal heat-ability of the complete inner pump room with one single integrated heating jacket• Optionally available eddy current free shrouds reduce the power requirement• Various mounting capabilities (base plate, stilt mounted, console, in-line) available for optimal space efficiency• Central bearing placement allows for vertical mounting with advantages on emptying, slurry pumping, space requirement• Vast selection of materials of construction starting from high-alloyed stainless steels, nickel and nickel basis alloys to other special alloys• Close coupled or frame mounted drive are available• Manifold accessories for different requirements availableAccording to EN 22858, ISO 2858Technical InformationCapacity range : up to 650 m³/hHead range : up to 145 mTemperature range: -100°C up to 350°C
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