Magnetic Drive Pumps
Magnetic Drive Pumps MKPL
DescriptionThis MKPL model meets the high safety requirements of the industry. The pump is simple, compact and incorporates many features.• Corrosion resistant, hermetically tight pump with metallic body made out of ductile iron (EN-GJS-400-18) and with massive PFA lining• Design pressure PN 16 and vacuum resistance up to high temperatures allow a wide application range • Very robust construction and PFA lining anchored on metallic pump casing with high torsional security• Generously large dimensioned, massive and operationally safe bearings made from pure SSIC withstand highest stresses• Closed impellers with high efficiency and open impellers with low NPSH-values available• Non-sensitive to wrong turning direction• Non-metallic, eddy current free shrouds reduce the power requirement• Safety pins prevent damage of shroud• Close coupled or frame mounted drive are available• Manifold accessories for different requirements available• According to EN 22858, ISO 2858Technical InformationCapacity range : up to 400 m³/hHead range : up to 90 mTemperature range: -20°C up to 200°C
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