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Progressive Cavity Pump K Range
The range K it’s the state of the arte in manufacturing concepts. These pumps can be supplied with a range of materials and various rotor/stator geometries (1L, 1S, 2S and 4S), and in numerous application this range it’s the economical and technical best choice.In order to the great versatility and its compact design the range K offers the top technological solution for the most varied applications allowing to be used in every industrial segment such as: Eviromental, Food, Beverage, Chemical, Petrochemical, Sanitary, Paint, Paper and Cellulose, Sugar and Alcohol Industry and other.Features● Stable pump - Low pulsation● Various installation possibilities● Delivery direction reversible● Self-priming rate high● Easy maintenance and service● ATEX version available● Compact design and cost-efficient (block design)● Large choice of construction materials (cast iron chassis’, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, Duplex, etc...)Capacity: from 30 l/h up to 300 m3/h (from 0,132 gpm up to 1.320 gpm)Pressure: up to 48 bar (696 psi)Accessories● Dry running protection with a device TSE● Feed screw (for fluid in which the viscosity and the structure required a conveying before the stator)● Overpressure protection device (diaphragm contact pressure gauge – adjustable contact for maximum pressure)● Bypass circuit with pressure relief valve● Different number of sealing solutions (single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, unpressurized Quench vessel, cartridge unit, gland packing)● Different number of baseplate solutionsApplications● Waste water and sludge treatment● Biogas● Chemical and petrochemical industry● Paper industry● Chemical additive’s metering● Dewatered sludge treatment● Sludge dewatering● Food industry (distilleries and brewing industry, fruit and vegetable processing, milk industry, oil industry, meat and poultry processing)● Electroplating industry● Textile industry● Fish industry● Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry● Agriculture● Treatment of drinking water● Wine industry● Confectionery industry● Sugar industry● Shipbuilding● Desulphurization of fuel gas● Ceramics industry● Varnish and dyeing industry● Automotive industry● Construction● ATEX
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