Title: GG Series Process Pump Features High-Temperature ConstructionKeyword: Process pumpArticle description: As a heavy-duty centrifugal pump, GlobalGear Series Process Pump is capable of working in very high temperature and pressure. Process pump is a kind of special pump which is very important in a lot of industrial process. Having an irreplaceable role of transporting liquids, process pump can be either positive displacement pump or centrifugal pump . Of course, the pump should be designed in a strong form in order to handle viscous liquids, corrosive, or abrasive fluids. Today, there are two most common types of process pump, the API process pump and the ANSI process pump. Both are centrifugal pump specializing in heavy-duty task in chemical processing, petrochemical, agricultural chemicals, pulp & paper, construction material, aviation, food & beverages, packaging system, even in energy & power plant sectors. The ability to handle viscous and hazardous liquids is not the only advantage of process pump. As an API certified, process pump can also handle hydrocarbons at very high pressure and temperature. Unlike some other centrifugal pump, which is not able to be used in extremely hot temperature, process pump excels when doing task in refineries or other hydrocarbon processing facilities. Depends on the materials used for housing, process pump can handle temperature up to more than 300°C. Understanding how useful this centrifugal pump is, Winston Indonesia has brought to you a reputable process pump, the GlobalGear Series from Tuthill . Since been introduced in 2001, GlobalGear design was the latest enhanced design by Tuthill. Based on experiences molded through 75 years of gear pumping services, GlobalGear design is capable of tackling any high-viscosity applications. Compared to other competitors, GlobalGear’s internal gear pumps are built tougher. Almost every parts of the process pump are reliable and only need an easy maintenance. You do not have to worry about leakage because the internal coupled gear pumps are designed magnetically. To make it more spared to damage, this pump capable of running dry as long as you want! You can choose between Cast Iron and Stainless Steel model. Cast Iron model has higher endurance to pressure up to 200 psi, better temperature resistance up to 316°C, and handle viscosities to 1.000.000 ssu. Meanwhile, the Stainless Steel model can hold pressure to 150 psi and reach up to 260° Celsius.
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